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October 19, 2011


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Steven Waterston (THEMADARMYCHEF)

Dear boston,
I am a former British soldier with almost 20 years of service.I have been looking at your qualifying times and was wondering if you have any times for disabled athletes? I have completed 7 marathons since becoming disabled in 2009 and have an IPC classification of T38 (cerebral Paulsy runner)although I am also partially sighted. Prior to injury I was around 3hrs 30 and improving. I have taken part in many marathons but - wouldlove to do Boston. I have done many media interviews and would be happy to help promote your event. I have recently had the privilage to meet The Queen to discuss my medical issues and recovery.

Kind Regards

Steven Waterston


Thanks. Looks like I'll be shooting for a 2013 time.

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